Art Curator

An exhibition maker needs feelers for social issues and an interest in what is going on worldwide. Starting the conversation without prejudice or exclusion is what I want to achieve. It is this dynamic that is the key to the success of an exhibition that knows how to create magic.

So many people wish so much; Everyone has a different frame of reference and assesses what is shown from their own perception. Interacting with young people with their indomitable curiosity but also with seniors with their rich reservoir of experiences, broadens my horizons. I am looking forward meeting you.

Art bio

As a graduated art historian (RU Leiden) I laid the foundation for my curatorial work with the Noordwijkse BeeldenBoulevard in 2005; a biennial of 15 leading young sculptors. From 2010 I was curator of the art manifestation Kunst in Duin with Land Art as the main pillar. From 2012 I was co-organizer of the Ceramics event Clay2Day. In 2017 I set up ‘Art Connectors art in public space’ together with co-owner Marja Koomen.  In 2018 I started as curator of Glasrijk Tubbergen; an annual manifestation of modern glass art. Since 2021 I am a board member of the Association of Friends of Modern Glass.  Since edition 2022 I am curator of Kunstmaand Ameland. 

Artvision, Renée Korbee

Kunstmaand Ameland 2022

Since 2022 I am curator of Kunstmaand Ameland. About 80 artists from the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia (the Nordic art), selected by me, will show art and performances from all disciplines throughout the month of November. From picturesque churches to the beautiful dunes; The challenge is to interweave the art with the location and thus reinforce each other. With more than 8,000 visitors per edition Kunstmaand Ameland is an art event not to be missed.

Art curator

Taking care of the content of an exhibition with an accompanying art historical publication, if desired, is a great challenge for me as a freelancer. Immediately deployable at a new (museum) exhibition to be developed to getting on an already moving 'exhibition' train; Through years of experience and carefully gathered knowledge, I am happy to accept these challenges as an independent art historian. A total package in which a museum or institution is pleasantly unburdened by me, as a flying keep.

I have demonstrated experience in improving the visibility of the project through communication in all forms like press approach, marketing (social media), grant applications, feasibility studies and crowdfunding for the cultural sector.

Art Curator Projects

Kunstmaand Ameland 2022
Glasrijk Tubbergen
Keramiekmanifestatie Clay2Day Lisserbroek
BeeldenBoulevard Noordwijk

Art communicator

I like to write about art. For art magazines such as Glas (published by the Association of Friends of Modern Glass) and Beelden Magazine, but also for various lifestyle magazines. I wrote publications for art catalogues for top photographer Barend Houtsmuller (known from the TV program Het Perfecte Plaatje). Together with him I organized an exhibition of his work in which a beautiful overview catalogue was published.

For the Theatre performance 'Isadora', performed by KunstKlank under the direction of musical director Herma van Piekeren, I wrote the essay 'Isadora & Noordwijk'. A story about the life of the American founder of modern dance Isadora Duncan who lived in Noordwijk for some time.

Download article Glas magazine
Download article Force magazine

Publication Barend Houtsmuller
Theater performance ‘Isadora’
Essay 'Isadora Duncan in Noordwijk'
Garden sculpture assignment
Residential building
Portrait assignment

Art collecting

Creating an inspiring work environment can be optimized with art. Artvision mediates in art purchases for private collectioneurs, companies and foundations using its large network of professional artists who listen carefully to the wishes of a client. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, glass and artistic murals are among the possibilities to radiate an attractive identity.

Art talks

An art lecture can be tailor-made about everything that is going on in society or what your company stands for. Looking for something special? Give your business partners a surprising and amusing afternoon/evening. I give art lectures with a lot of visual material. An art tour with unexpected angles and linked to current events, is an afternoon out where the guest goes home with more knowledge and a smile.

Reading 'Rembrandt Rockstar'
Art tour
Opening exhibition
Artvision, Renée Korbee

Art Connectors

Art Connectors is a collaboration between art producers Renée Korbee and Marja Koomen and is the connecting link between clients and their desire to make public and (semi-) public spaces more attractive and safer.

If requested, we bundle the inventory of the wishes of stakeholders regarding large-scale art projects in a Feasibility Study. The results of this are intensively discussed with the client and incorporated into the final execution of the art assignment.

Together with our artists and designers, we translate the wishes of the client into a strong visual image and strengthen the experience and atmosphere in the interiors of hotels, office buildings, housing corporations and healthcare institutions, among others. We also create a safe and pleasant appearance in parking garages, bicycle tunnels and shopping centers.

We focus on sustainable, robust art with an eye for the environment and the history of a location. From design to realization; We supervise the entire process in which tight timing and budget management are important parts.

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Photo and film credits:

Els Bax, Jenne Bleijenburg, Willem van den Haak, Tanja van Harten, Sanne Hofker, Jeroen Hofman, Barend Houtsmuller, Douwe de Jong, Ingrid Kleinsman, Kees van ’t Klooster, Renée Korbee, Willem Krol, PR photo KunstKlank, Jack van Leeuwen, Jan Moes, Tonny Nijkrake, Geneviève Rietveld, Monica Stuurop, Heidi van der Woude & photographers whose names are unknown to me.

Art shown by: 

Linda Anneveld, Jenne Bleijenburg, Judith Bloedjes, Thérèse Bouwens - van Herwaarden, Erik Buijs, Marcus Debie, Hugo Galama, Jurriaan van Hall, Rinus van Hall, Sigrid Hamelink, Jeroen Hofman, Thea van hoften, Marga Houtman, Krista Israel, Marco Käller, Caroline Koenders, Lia Kok, Ellen Klijzing, Ria van Krieken, Iris Le Rütte, Lilith, Hans Meijer, Miriam Meulepas, Chrystl Rijkeboer, Marie-José Robben, Hilde de Rooij, Carla Rump, Spacecowboys, Kariene van Steenoven, Hans Steylaert Bronsgieterij, Frans en Truus van der Veld, Tinne Vroonen, Mieke de Waal, Karin van de Walle.